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Dotting the I’S & Crossing the T’S

Nasrollah and his three messages for three wars: distinguish yourselves or else !


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Written by Nasser Kandil,

There were three important messages for three projects of forthcoming wars, in the two words of Al Sayyed Hassan Nasrollah on the eve and the on the tenth day of Muharram including three initiatives to be avoided, or to control their tracks. Here Al Sayyed Hassan Nasrollah is not mere a leader of a Lebanese party, however at least a leader of an active regional force that leads the war on ISIS within the axis of the resistance that is present in the fields and the fronts of fighting, it gets the appreciation and the respect of the leaders of the forces and the partner countries in these wars from Russia, Syria, Iraq, and the rest of the resistance forces. The personality of its leadership is admired, appreciated, and respected for what it has. Thus the messages of Al Sayyed Hassan Nasrollah are valuables because of what they mean and arouse according to the partners and their leaders who expressed individually or in group the status which he has in their hearts and minds and for their people and armies, through them these messages turn to be messages for the others, knowing that some of them are concerned directly with the content of these messages.

The first message is related to the referendum on the secession of Kurdistan, Al Sayyed has distinguished between whom he called “ my beloved Kurds” and the political leadership of the secession project, so he translated from his position as a leader of the resistance that the raised slogans in any issues which are revolving in our disturbed fragile region are not measured as they are whether true or false, however they are measured according to their position towards two crucial things; the first thing is the conflict of all the people of our region with the Israeli aggression which behaves without affection for decades, and with the project of the US hegemony which launched an open war against the people of the region, its independent governments, and its national armies. The American and the Israeli projects are identical and allied. The second thing is the position of these slogans towards an imminent danger that threatens the unity of the national entities in our region through fragmentation and preparation to go through them, under titles of the requirements of the special ethnical, national, religious identities through endless wars that ensure the destruction of their capacities and capabilities, distracting them away from the issue of independence and construction, and away from fighting the Zionist project and the failure of the project of the US hegemony. Therefore the message of Al Sayyed based on an equation; to deal with every call that is related to the achievement of demands of own identity whether legitimate and imprecise or fabricated and deluded by measuring the degree of compatibility with the project of the independency and resistance on one hand, and the degree of its ensuring guarantees to prevent the fragmentation and the wars of division on the other hand.

In the two cases, the referendum on the secession is under doubt, the content of the message is clear, to call the Kurds to distinguish themselves from the project that will face relentless confrontation, because the matter is not related to what is so-called publicly the right of self-determination in a region that is full of wars and risks, but by measuring it on the basis of the interests of America and Israel and the risks of the fragmentation and division. Therefore there is no suspicion or any confusion at the axis of the resistance about the situation whatever were the results and the consequences, since the keenness on a relation with the Kurds passes through it. So everyone must make his consideration on that basis, when the Kurdish project for the secession has what does not serve the US needs or interests or what does not open the paths of fragmentation, then it becomes devoid of being a deliberate trap, and then it can be reconsidered concerning the right of self-determination and the self-realization for those who have their own identity. This is the mission of the Kurds and their leaders to choose the timing and to prepare the circumstances, or else the distinction between the Kurdish movement and the projects which target the region and threaten its independence and its unity with danger will be purely impossible.

The second message is related to the Muslims of Rohinga, it includes solidarity with their humanitarian injustice as a minority that is under the pressure of fascist racist targeting. Thus it is an announcement of the presence of integrated issue as an unambiguous undoubted issue, but at the same time, it is a clear frank call to disable the US game and the Gulf finance and media to turn it into two more dangerous dimensions after the Islamic Buddha war, and after exerting pressure on the Chinese ally. The call here is dual for an Islamic position represented by Iran and Turkey implicitly through its relation with each of Russia and Iran, a position that deals from the position of regional and international decision-making with the issue, a position that is required to have a dual concern to prevent the transformation and the falsification of the conflict in a way that accuses the enemies with Buddhism, under the slogan of Islamic-Buddhist war, thus the Indians, Chinese and the Buddhists become according to feelings as allies to Israel in the main battle which is supposed that it is the main issue of the Muslims in Palestine. And it is a call to Iran, Russia, and China not to be tolerated with turning the issue to a pressing paper in the US-Chinese relationships. It is a call to China not to continue the policy of denying the presence of a cause and an injustice, and a call to Iran to pay attention to prevent the investment through neglecting the media discourse towards the movement with China asking for common initiatives that justify the oppressed and prevent their turning into fuel for the US project which targets China implicitly and publicly.

The third message dealt with the Israeli threats of war and what accompanies it as declarations that promote for reading the balances of forces, which suggest that they can make a change in favor of the winning in the war. It is a message to the Jews and their followers and elites, its content is “we distinguish you from the government of the occupation; we do not mix between the followers of religion and the Zionist project. So can you separate yourselves from it?” The time is imminent; if you do not react then we will not be able to distinguish you from what is coming. What is said by the Zionists about the balances of forces is lie and deceit, so do not believe it in order not to pay the cost later. If the war takes place, you will be its fuel and it will not be in your favor. Today you can leave but tomorrow it will not be available. Today you can find a shelter in the occupied Palestine, but when the war is coming, you will not have any shelter. The one who leaves and who exerts pressure to prevent the foolish adventure of waging a war is preempting dangers, distinguishing himself, and preventing its occurrence. On the contrary, if you stick to the occupation project and stay in Palestine or if you leave this occupation to wage this foolish war then we will not be able to neutralize you from the consequences of this war or to distinguish you from the project of occupation and aggression.

The messages of Al Sayyed are strategic, and their title in the three issues; distinguish yourself or you will be infected whether the war will be in our favor or against us.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

Nasrollah and his three messages for three wars: distinguish yourselves or else ! Reviewed by on . Written by Nasser Kandil, There were three important messages for three projects of forthcoming wars, in the two words of Al Sayyed Hassan Nasrollah on the eve Written by Nasser Kandil, There were three important messages for three projects of forthcoming wars, in the two words of Al Sayyed Hassan Nasrollah on the eve Rating:
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