De Mistura’s departure is the end of bets

Written by Nasser Kandil,

The nomination of the UN envoy coincided with the beginning of the war on Syria which was called “the Syrian crisis” to justify the war by virtue of supporting the alleged revolution, which was representing the inner party of the war through gathering the Muslim Brotherhood and those who support them to follow what is broadcasted in media that nations can make their civil wars. They were called by the channels of freedom; the channels of oil and gas the nations that make their own revolutions. At every stage of the course of war there was a title for the mission, therefore the selection of the UN envoy depends of serving the conditions of this mission.

At the first stages of the war, what was necessary was to freeze the capacities of the Syrian country and to prevent it from besieging areas that are under the control of the internal legion in the war entitled “revolution”, the sponsorship of areas under the control of the inner legion, securing the entry of the needed weapons, and forming a protection,  intervention, supply system to help the besieged to be able to meet the outside legions to start the full attack to overthrow Syria and to have control over the Syrian geography. Kofi Anan was the appropriate envoy for such a mission under a humanitarian title, Anan admitted after the end of his mission that he was the victim of deceit, and that he was used for the preparation for a war, its goal was to overthrow Syria, through which he ensured the protection of the areas under the control of the terrorist groups for humanitarian reasons.

After there were enough reasons to announce the full attack, the completion of the international and regional political preparations through mobilizing more than one hundred countries, and after Syria was expelled from the Arab League, and after Al-Qaeda organization and the Muslim Brotherhood’s mobilizing, organizing, and arming of tens of thousands of fighters from around the world with qualitative weapons as the chemical one from the Libyan stock which was seized by Qatar in particular, and when Turkey was ready to meet its new Ottoman dream, and when Saudi Arabia becomes ready to play the role of the alternative after the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood organization, Al Akhdar Brahimi was appointed to wage the psychological war on the Syrian President and employing the military and the diplomatic pressure to put, coordinate, and promote a plan for the stepping down of the President.

When the military balance started to show that there is no hope in the fall of Syria and that the bet on the stepping down of its president is a mirage, there was a need to promote a formula for a political solution that based on legalizing the fragmentation of Syria, and the prevention of forming a coherent unified state,  so two ways were adopted to achieve the goal; the protection of the dividing privacies in many areas and the adoption of a formula of building institutions on the basis of the sectarian and ideological distribution of the constitutional positions. Therefore, De Mistura was assigned to carry out this task since he came from the devastation which was spread by the American project in Iraq; his mission was to propose autonomous areas as temporary solutions that cover military truces from Aleppo to the areas controlled by the armed Kurdish groups to Al Ghouta and the areas which were called as de-escalation areas. He did not hide his project through talking about the inspiring Lebanese example for the coexistence of communities.

After the victory of Syria becomes close, and after the fall of the opportunities of projects of division, and the fall of the bet on making Syria a fragile federal sectarian structure that is open to civil wars and which is unable to play a regional role, and which lost the concept of the national security it becomes necessary for De Mistura to depart and to assign the one who devotes the change imposed by Syria and its allies and paves  the way for the international and regional involvement in reconciliation with the Syrian country contrary to the image drawn by those who ignited the war.

De Mistura’s departure is a sign of the end of the war on Syria and the closeness of its victory; a civil secular unified country under the leadership of its president, army, constants, and its resisting option.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,


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