From Sanaa to Ashrakat: From Al Murr TV to Israel

Written by Nasser Kandil,

There is no presence for forgetfulness and disregard in the major issues, otherwise the acceptance of the excuse of forgetfulness is an implicit acceptance of the humiliation of the case by accepting the weakness of status and tampering in it, there is neither coincidences, not ignorance, nor an isolated accident, nor a crazy man shoots his friends, all of these are tricks of intelligence as the tactic retreat from explaining the defeat, MTV was not likening itself as it is in this report, and the official Lebanon was not a real dead with a death certificate as it is today.

MTV cannot withdraw its words, everything of what it said must be used against it at the trial, as New York Police says for whom is under arrest whether he is a scavenger or went out of Wall Street, and the Tower of Commerce.MTV has said; it is time for the jury to judge, who is dead out of his homeland is terrorist or a desperate who blows himself without a case, or a disgruntled who wants to kill people to revenge of the lives they live, even if the people here are the soldiers of the occupation who are raping the land, the dignity and stealing the water and the remains. Who is martyred outside his homeland can be a victim of addiction to drag, or wants to hide a social or moral scandal that made his life a hell, thus instead of choosing Al Raouche rock to commit suicide, he killed himself with a hundred of bombs that he exploded in the occupation tanks, directing the appeal to the homeland, I am the bride of the South, so do not cry over me, today a bride has been given away.

MTV has gathered all its genius in thieving a tape that is prepared by the American British Oshiotid Press Agency, it hided the source to prove the similarity of theft through laziness and bad intentions against the homeland and the right, and lest that the fall is individual, the combination of the falls strengthens, the tape has become a possession of the Public Opinion, so the Lebanese as juries have to clap for the genius of the “ Lebanese creativity ”by making Miss Lebanon , models, exporting the goods to all the salve trade in the name of the “ The Lebanese savvy” before they pronounce their judgment and say that the martyrs who have liberated the homeland are groups of psychiatric patients whom if they have an opportunity for their treatment today they were not free, and that the talk about the return and the nostalgia to a Lubrani period in the debate is nonsense whether was a pride or a mockery, because it is a point of view that the Lebanese democracy has, so why those patients have done that, MTV has said that those whom Israel is facing are a copy of those it faced in Lebanon, unsuccessful in study, envious, green-eyed because of their poverty and ignorance, those who cannot shopping from Virgin centers which promote the culture which if it was granted for them then they will stay alive, attending the concerts of striptease on the rhythms of the foreign teams which MTV is sponsoring for the new generation, where heroes such as Tarik Tamim is taking over the responsibility of distributing all the kinds drugs to the new generation in order to know the love of life in response to the culture of death which is promoted by those who have martyred in the record of the homeland’ history.

MTV has told Israel that we are facing the same enemy, because those who attacked the innocent lives in Paris and the Southern suburb are the same ones who are resisting the occupation, and that Israel which is in front of a process of the martyr Ashrakat Taha Al-Qatnani can borrow the tape of MTV about the martyr Sanaa Mehaidali and re-broadcasts it without addition or a comment, so as long as the love of life includes in its immunity the settlers who have trampled Ashrakat down near Nablus, it includes through the same immunity the soldiers of the occupation whom were targeted by Sanaa while they were fortified in their tanks on her occupied country.

Sanaa Mehaidali addresses the martyr Ashrakat Al-Qatnani and tells her that our sun has risen together and will not go down, we have made our wedding together and our bullets affected, moreover as long as our people has got rid of the occupation of its land, it will get rid of the deceitful and the confused of the game of tempering in its honor.

What is left is that the Lebanese people have to say their words and the remnant of the country among the piles of garbage has to wake up and shout at the idolaters and say stop tempering in the values, morale, and the homeland. You are neither the people of life nor the people of shyness, and if you do not feel of shame, we will not allow to you to do whatever you want.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh, .

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