Hezbollah is the targeted

Written by Nasser Kandil,

Since the famous meeting between the President of the occupation government Benjamin Netanyahu and the American President Barack Obama two months ago a new phase has started in the region, it has restored the cohesion to the alliance which is led by Washington on the basis of identifying new goals and policies that commensurate between the possible and the needed, between the goals and the capacities, between the desires and the capabilities. Netanyahu has recognized to Obama that the Israeli Turkish Saudi accusation of Washington of overabundance and being negligent in accepting the understanding of the Iranian nuclear program was wrong, moreover to be evaded of the consequences of the Russian qualitative engagement in Syria and turning it to a referentiality in the war on terrorism, or waging the engagement with this Russian role was an adolescence that lacks the most basic rules of politics, therefore the admission of Netanyahu of accepting the future of Syria under the presidency of its president seems an inevitable matter, as it seems the bet on restricting the growth of the regional role of Iran is a Summer Night’s dream, between Syria and Iran it is pointless to bet on attracting Iraq.

At the common press conference between Netanyahu and Obama the password was determined, which is the enemy is Hezbollah, and that the new strategy is the admission of all the facts of the new phase with the exception of the emergence of Hezbollah at the end of this phase as a regional considered force that participates in gaining the victory, thus it must renew the order of the priorities of the alliance which has waged the war on Syria, the confrontation with Iran, and the defiance to Russia in order to make the new priority a dual a relentless but negotiated in all the matters except concerning Hezbollah, a relentless, aggressive and eradicated with Hezbollah alone but with others just relentless and negotiated, but the negotiation and its demands are confined to the extent of procurement of facilities or acquiescence of targeting Hezbollah or a bargain on the size, role, and the growth of Hezbollah.

The launchers of this campaign neither bet on the success of negotiation with Russia and Iran, nor on the success of messages in neutralizing Syria when they put the title of their war Hezbollah, but they move on in a dual way where the settlements seem open in the collision issues, and where the escalation seems open against Hezbollah. The goal is arousing the suspicions, weakening the cohesion and the quest for an objective bargain without negotiation by showing the settlements proceed, and thus driving the allies of Hezbollah of not making an adventure of dropping these settlements, therefore it is a war on Hezbollah; this is what has happened with the assassination of the martyr Samir Al-Kuntar as an attempt to undermine the prestige of Russia and its role in Syria when Israel committed this process, and as with Iran through the execution of Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimr.

The war has started in finance and in media; it will continue for many chapters, the campaign of defamation under the title of hungry in Madaya is one of its chapters as was the talk about group of Hezbollah in Bahrain for devastation. It seems that the choice of the Russian Iranian Syrian alliance with Hezbollah is the clever war, many wars in one war that is waged by retail and locally, where the available victory is resolved when its conditions become mature without the involvement in bombing the arenas, and the steadfastness till the settlements become ready and nothing is left but a war of the decisive confrontation entitled Hezbollah, and where is Hezbollah, the engagement is at its peak, this is what has happened when the nuclear understanding has become under verification, and the settlement of Ukraine is approaching. Syria is waging a war of presence, neither the negotiation has stopped, nor the fate of Syria and its President has been discussed on the negotiating table but the steadfastness of Syria firstly and the negotiation secondly, when the settlement of the nuclear program becomes matured, the one of Ukraine completed, and the steadfastness of Syria has its role in the accomplishment therefore Syria proceeds to the front, and the allies are shown with it militarily and politically. Now Syria and Yemen seem to be matured to win profitable settlements, Hezbollah will resist till the victory is achieved by them, then the hour of engagement comes and Hezbollah becomes ready accompanied with its allies as  was the situation before and will remain always.

The Lebanese who offer their country as an arena to get even with each of Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia for targeting Hezbollah will not gain a share of settlement after the big engagement, because they wasted the opportunity and accepted to be the bill themselves which their operators pay as a price of the settlement which they make after the confrontation which its map was drawn by Netanyahu and Obama and is carried out by the Saudi and the Turkish.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

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