Nasrollah : The professor of the psychological warfare

Written by Nasser Kandil,

For many hours after the assassination of the reluctant commander Samir Al-kuntar, the Israelis have waited with anxiety to know what will be the response of the resistance, so they have put their planes on the alert in the Lebanese airspace, and have announced as a political message that they have issued the instructions to the air force to target any missile’ launcher in front of them, to express the intention for confrontation. After hours of waiting and flight they have known that the leader of the resistance will talk later, so their anxiety has increased, some of them have said that we will wait, and the others have said that maybe this delay is because the response will proceed the speech so they intensify the alter.

Al Sayyed has talked; his speech was divided into four main parts the assassination of the martyr Samir AL-Kuntar has got one of them, while the other three parts were for subjects that their arousing has confused their analysis and their thinking about the justification to mention them during the speech about the assassination. It is clear that the matter is not to lessen the rank and the position of the martyr Al-Kuntar at the perspective of the resistance and its leader, what he has talked about him was enough to say that he is a leader of the leaders of this resistance, it is a message that shows a depreciation toward Israel by the resistance as the analysts have understood.

The leader of the resistance has resolved the response of the assassination, but he did not sate the Israeli thirst to know more, he was so quiet, he did not give them the opportunity to analyze the tone of his voice, the gestures of his hands and his index finger, but when he wanted to confirm the decision of the response, he adduced it in a written form  nearly a year ago but he re-read it, to show that it is a principle position that is still present, and to allow to say that there is no need to remind you that we have decided and we will respond and that is enough, Deliberately Al Sayyed did not dedicate a speech for the event, thus he increased the clarity and at the same time he increased the ambiguity penetrating into the techniques of the psychological warfare, as if he is a professional professor playing with amateur students, reminding that in a special  commemoration of the martyr Al-Kuntar, Al Sayyed will talk about the characteristics and the experience of AL-Kuntar , thus they are now on a new wait condition to decode the symbols of the permissible speech,  but the fear if this speech is proceeded by an act that is more significant, then a new wait and a new alert.

The state of the Israeli during this period will be as one that shrinks away like a humpback waiting to be slapped.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

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