Syria will be the cemetery of those who will respond to Trump

Written by Nasser Kandil,

The additional details given by the US President about the project of the withdrawal from Syria through a Tweet which many people doubted of  its credibility,  his reassuring them in denying the speech of the French reckless President Emmanuel Macron who claimed that he persuaded Trump to abandon the decision, and then his explanation in details the alternatives that will take over the mission,  give the decision of withdrawal credibility and make it more accurate than the  aggression on Syria in drawing the future of the US role in Syria.

Trump asks the Arab countries to send their armies to replace the US troops in eastern Syria. The information published in the US Wall Street Journal revealed a surprise that is represented in the call of the administration of the US President Donald Trump from Egypt to send its forces to Syria ” it indicated that the National Security Adviser in the administration of the US President Donald Trump John Bolton has contacted the Egyptian Intelligence Chief Abbas Kamel to know the willingness of Cairo to participate in an initiative to form a joint Arab force that compensates the probable withdrawal of the US troops from Syria”. It is known that Egypt which differs from the Gulf countries in its preservation of its relations with the Syrian government links any military participation with a Syrian political settlement that requires sending observers under the acceptance of the government and the opposition in Syria. But most importantly is the fact that Egypt provokes Turkey’s outrage and maybe the presence of its forces on the Turkish borders and in the Kurdish areas will lead to a war that Washington does not want, just for that the newspaper published that the US officials said that” Trump’s administration asked Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE to pump billions of dollars and to send military forces to restore the northern of Syria”. It said that “Egypt’s intention to support this initiative is still unclear” It added that ” the Egyptian army which is one of the largest armies in the Middle East is already fighting a branch of ISIS in Sinai and securing the wide desert borders between Egypt and Libya which are under the control of mixed armed militias” . It added that” Egypt has rarely deployed armed forces outside its borders since the Gulf War 1991, in addition to the fact that the government ensures that it is not biased to any party in the Syrian crisis.

Turning to the Gulf countries in request for a military presence or to finance mercenaries seems the intended plan.  The British Guardian newspaper which warned of sending Arabs forces to Syria to replace the US troops there ensures that “such of this proposal faces substantial obstacles and could potentially exacerbate the conflict” describing it with ” inapplicable” It added that ” Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are bogged down in a brutal war in Yemen since 2015, and have little manpower and few military resources to spare” It indicated that they are also locked in a dispute with Qatar, another potential contributor to a force, while Egypt is much closer to the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria than its would-be Gulf partners”. It clarified that the US Department of Defense has already refused a similar request last year, to replace US troops with private contractors in Afghanistan”. “But Bolton has argued that the US has taken too much of the military burden in Syria and Arab states should supply troops and material assistance in the fight against Isis.”

The Gulf financial or military option seems serious. The message waiting for the two options as summarized by a source of the East Euphrates Front is that Syria will be the cemetery of the two options together; it prepared the decent reception with a quick return by coffins. Maybe testing these two options will be an opportunity for Syria to declare its victory over the tripartite international terrorist Gulf aggression at once.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

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