The President Al-Assad vs. Erdogan and Netanyahu

Written by Nasser Kandil,

The Syrian war is almost a war between the President Bashar Al-Assad and Recep Erdogan as it is a war between the President Al-Assad and the Head of the occupation government Benjamin Netanyahu as two opposite types of rule, management of the major issues, and the practice of politics and war, and as two types of two leaders who have an important status in the major considerations of the active major countries. It is not an exaggeration to say that the war on Syria focused on the overthrowing of the President Bashar Al-Assad due to what he represents as the unity of Syria, the strength of its army, its steadfastness in practicing the national independence and its deep and active belonging to the axis of resistance. The war on Syria would not have been without the total involvement of the Turkish President in order to make it his war and to show the differential features of Turkey to ensure the winning in this war, as the size of Turkey, the strength of its army, its economy, its demographic overlapping and its geographic neighboring with Syria, and it would not have been without the threat represented by the options which Syria is taking and which its president is sticking to towards the conflict with Israel.

Within seven years of war, every surplus power has been used to win in this war, and every country and group has been involved to ensure the opportunities of winning. It seems clear that the winning in the war on Syria has become impossible, while the victory of Syria, its president, army, and its allies is in its last stages despite the attempts of disruption. But it seems clearer that the defeat of the Turkish President will be the resounding end of this war, since Benjamin Netanyahu may not withstand in his office until he is defeated. The war showed a lot about their sponsoring of these groups and their exchanging the advice and coordination, as it showed that Erdogan admires the personality of Netanyahu and was imitating him.

Before the beginning of the war, the image of the strong president was like the examples of Erdogan and Netanyahu, while many observers depending on their simple reading were talking in front of the political, military, financial, media and religious crowd in the war that the days of the Syrian President are countable. Erdogan and Netanyahu were sharing the fronts of the north and the south to manage the war, but the recent few days showed exactly the opposite image. The President who was under the burdens of a war of seven-years that destroyed the country’s structures and their capabilities is surprising the world with his insistence, steadfastness, planning, silence, and perseverance along with the commanders of his army and allies through retuning the build of the air defense from the rubble by which Netanyahu has been degraded through the defeat of the dropping of his warplane F16 and now he is disciplining Erdogan in Afrin where he is sending the popular troops under the slogan of “ the fall of Afrin is a red line” while Erdogan has made Afrine a substitute of Damascus and Aleppo in his war on Syria.

Netanyahu did not find but to lie to hide the scandal of his defeat; he said that his warplanes have launched the most violent raids since thirty years and destroyed dozens of air defense missile batteries. He knows that he called the Russian President Vladimir Putin and asked him for calming, as he knows that if he continued bombarding, the Syrian ballistic missiles would be ready to reach to the depth of the occupation entity, as Erdogan who resorted to lie to hide the scandal of defeat, he denied the entry of the Syrian popular forces to Afrin, once he said that the bombard had driven them away and made them withdraw, and once that he reached to an understanding with the Russian and the Iranian Presidents that obliged them to withdraw, although he knows that these forces have reached their combating sites in Afrin, and that with every declaration of denial, additional forces were reaching to Afrin

There is no need neither to review the two opposite moral examples; the example of the Syrian President and the example of Netanyahu and Erdogan nor to show the right and the wrong in making the major battles, but it is enough to see the situation and its ceilings when they are interpreted into deeds by the Syrian President to show strength, and enough to see the content of speech, the lies, and the tone of the false claims when they are interpreted by Netanyahu and Erdogan to hide the weakness and defeat.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,


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