The Russian pilot, kidnapped soldiers and Erdogan

Written by Nasser Kandil,

The relationship of the Turkish President Recep Erdogan with the negotiation to release the kidnapped soldiers at Al-Qaeda variations was not new. Since the birth of ISIS, the first negotiating event of the organization was the track which ended not as the other kidnapping events with beheadings or running over by tanks, but by the returning back of the kidnapped who are dozens to their homes safely, without specifying the kind of deal which has been settled, and which is directed by Erdogan to release his forty eight citizens and their trucks, and who have said that when they were kidnapped, they have received orders to surrender to ISIS as a friend force.

In all cases which included negotiations upon kidnapped people from the visitors of the holy places in Iran who have been detained in the Syrian Azaz to the sisters of Maaloula towards to all the stages of the negotiation on the destiny of the kidnapped soldiers at Al Nusra Front and ISIS Turkey was present, even when Qatar has attended all the concerned parties knew that although Turkey was absent but its devils were present as it was said, so the political and the diplomatic sponsor, or the bank of  disposing the assets and behaving in them at the armed groups in Syria is Turkey, whether the militants were working under the name of the Free Army, or when they became  Al Nusra or ISIS. Turkey in all the stages remained the capable mediator of intervening, dictating the timing, and imposing the conditions. The Turks were justifying this because they are the supporter, the harbor, and the supply of these armed groups when they were working under the title of Syrian armed opposition. But this is no longer a justification, and it is not justified to ask about justification at the time of ISIS and Al Nusra because everything became clear. Al-Nusra and ISIS in the security acts are just pleas in favor of Turkey, because through them they send messages of anger or courtship, closing and opening doors, and building bridges, and those who are concerned in receiving theses messages do not find an interest in revealing the hidden, thus the inboxes are necessities in such a war which Syria is witnessing. Furthermore, the magnitude of the regional and international interaction, and the influence of Turkey and its ability to employ and use these groups in various stages have surpassed the borders of Syria to become a tool to send messages to Egypt as has happened when the components of ISIS in Libya have killed number of the Egyptian Copts, and Egypt said that the message has been received.

.The sudden opening of the issue of the kidnapped soldiers was on a slow rhythm in simultaneity with  the dealing of Turkey with an issue that is concerned it directly, it is to deliver the body of the pilot which the Turkish aircraft has dropped his plane and the militants that belong to Turkey have killed him while he was landing in his parachute, Two matters that their synchronization cannot be mere a coincidence, because after five days and nights of the dropping of the plane and the silence towards the fate of the body of the Russian pilot which is detained by the friend militants  of Turkey, the situation during those days was an  accelerated Turkish –Russian crisis towards the eve of the Climate Summit in Paris, which is attended by the Russian President Vladimir Putin who has a demand by the Turkish President Recep Erdogan to have an appointment for meeting coincided with a breaking news about the obtaining of Turkey of the body of the pilot from the militants and its intension to send it to Moscow. The matters happen consequently and lead to the opening of the issue about the exchange of the kidnapped soldiers which may occur at any moment. Turkish press sources have revealed about negotiations and demands of the militants who belong to Turkey in exchange of sending the body of the pilot. These demands include the releasing of the arrested people at the Syrian country, and concerning the deal of the Lebanese kidnapped soldiers also in exchange of releasing arrested people   at the Syrian country.

The timing of the two deals is Turkish and the actual negotiator in the two issues is Turkish, moreover the militants who are involved in detaining the soldiers and the body of the pilot are belong to Turkey or they have an important and fatal consideration for their relations with it, one deal is enough to cover the contents of the two demands, it is does not seem suitable to Turkey to show as if it demands a return for the body of the pilot which it is supposed in the simplest morals of war and its ethnics to wage a war to ensure his granting if this did not occur by a mutual consent. So how if the body has been detained and tortured for five days , and led to one of the reasons of the anger of the Russian President, and because it is not a coincidence that the militants are delaying in giving the body of the pilot, the media yesterday afternoon has corrected what it has broadcasted about the arrival of the body to Ankara, while the matter has been delayed to the evening, thus the deal of the soldiers was hindered , at the midnight or the dawn of today the body of the Russian pilot will arrive to Moscow, and Putin and Erdogan will arrive to Paris, and may be the deal of the soldiers merge to light also.

Whether it occurred or not, the relation is present in the facility and the disruption, it associated with the usage of Erdogan of the diplomacy of the corpses and hostages, a diplomacy that is suitable for the leader of mafia and not for a president of a country that is looking towards and claiming of the eligibility of a role of a superpower in the region in order to ensure its security and its independence. Thus Erdogan deserves the title of the Common Secretary-General of Al Nusra Front and ISIS together.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

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