Trump is a new phase in the global politics

Written by Nasser Kandil,

It is not discussible the status occupied by America in the policy-making in the world, or the size of the importance of our region in the global policy and the size of its influence by the US policies, as it is ridiculous to suggest the arrival of the US President who is a friend and a supporter of the issues of our nations and who wants the good for our countries, in the status occupied by Israel in making the US policy, in addition to the agreed positions of the competitors on the US presidency, as long as our countries are holding the banner of the national independence and have wealth and the features that make them under the colonist aspirations for any foreign ruler. As it is ridiculous that those who feel sad regarding the loss of Hillary Clinton and have linked their calls for the steadfastness of the armed groups in Syria and the prolonging of the war in Yemen with the bet on her arrival to the White House, moreover they preach and talk about the racism of Donald Trump who is winner in the race to the White House, recalling his supportive speeches to Israel. Every sane person in our countries know that the change in the future of our issues is made by our not by the bets on who will move to the White House, because all of them are equal in their hostility to our freedom and our cause of Palestine. But this must not hold up our minds about reading the phenomena and monitoring the changes and getting the meanings. These conditions are needed by the one who search for the effectiveness of his wars and resistance to know who the enemy is and what are his strategies, plans, and backgrounds, and to measure the impact of his resistance and steadfastness on making something remarkable in changing the policies of the decision-center in the war. Whether did he succeed in sending a message of despair and fatigue to his people, elites, and the decision-makers? Thus the checking of the US elections and their results is similar to the reading in the language of the reality TV of Baker- Hamilton report after the US failure in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan or Winograd report after the Israeli failure in crushing the resistance in the war of July in 2006 in Lebanon.

The US presidential elections have occurred as their previous ones on the rhythm of major changes in the world. The arrival of Bill Clinton to presidency in 1992 was the start of the war industry in Europe to inherit the disintegration of the Soviet Union, and the war of Yugoslavia was to accelerate the birth of the European Union as a political economic way to attract the countries of the Eastern Europe which emerged from under Russia’s cloak. The arrival of George W Bush was the Republic completion of the eastern wars after the winning of the harsh and the soft wars of Europe including the colored revolutions which besieged the exhausted Russia. The two wars of Afghanistan and Iraq have occurred as a translation of the new phase of the imperial war which the President was suitable for it, while Barack Obama has recognized the US failure of the harsh wars of the East and the bet on the Soft war through having an understanding with Iran and another with Russia to seize the chance by taking Syria out of the political geography of the Russian Iranian center without getting involved in a war, and through thrusting with the bloody promises and the hopes for the Ottoman memory, as well as awakening the Muslim Brotherhood tribalism through the tense employment of the combination between the popular anger and the giant media machine Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya which were prepared and supplied for such a day, they got bought credibility over the years to reach the day on which it was raised the slogan “the people make their revolution”, “the people want to overthrow the regime”, in order to make the Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt and Tunisia waiting for Syria, in addition to the money that was spent in vain in the intelligence, and plots accompanied with Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore the brutal ruthless investment of Al Qaeda organization with all its meanings for the killing and dissemination of death, division, fragmentation, and the wars of strive till the people scream, the resistance gets exhausted, the regimes are overthrown and thus the white flag is raised.

As an outcome of the two mandates of Barack Obama the soft wars failed due to the steadfastness of Syria, its people against the strives, its army against the terrorism and the war, and its President against the intimidation and the temptations. With the process of the Syrian steadfastness the resistance forces have been awakened along with the support of Iran and Russia to prevent the poisoned change of the political geography under the mantle of “the people make their revolution”,  as well as the negotiations were overlapped with the battles, all the tricks of politics have been tested but the most important question between the two camps of war in the region Was America defeated?, the defeat is no longer the annihilation of the army or the surrender of the emperor as in the World War II, but the change of  the choices and the resort of the people to the ballot boxes in the arena of the war decision-making to announce their fatigue, their desperation and their intention to get more attention of their livelihood and their boring from attractive promises, and being asked for more patience because the war is almost ending with a victory that will bring revenues on the rulers, allies, and the people.

We concern about the US elections according to a criterion other than being reassured for the arrival of a friend of the Arabs to presidency who does not want to move the US embassy to Jerusalem in the occupied Palestine, even if he supplies Israel with all the means of death, killing, and devastation and extends the Gulf oil to its ports.  It is certain for every sane that every US President is a friend of Israel responsible for its protection and committed to its military superiority. Our approach of the US presidential elections is exactly in depth from the same Saudi Turkish interest but reversely. What was the concern of Riyadh and Ankara was not the arrival of Hillary Clinton to presidency because she will grant Saudi Arabia and Turkey a status of America, but the political moment which associated with the behavior of the administration of Obama since signing the understanding on the Iranian nuclear file towards signing the Russian US understanding with Russia. Because the arrival of Hillary Clinton to presidency was a hope to continue the war and to deny the defeat and her failure is a devotion of the failure and the defeat. The result is determined by the American voter whom the measurement of his choices, the nature and the degree of the authorization which he will give to the governor of the White House concern us, as a result of the steadfastness of our armies, resistance, the leadership of our resistance and the resisting axis, with a fundamental difference between us and Saudi Arabia, because it funded Clinton’s campaign and linked the fate of its policies with the outcomes of the US presidential elections, while it was not our cause anymore to adopt and to defend the arrival of Trump, the black racist heart, the reliable ally of Israel. We were and still concerned about observing and analyzing the course of the presidential conflict as an expression of our respect to the sacrifices of our martyrs to protect their principles, by making effort to see the outcome of what their blood have made by paving the way to the victory, so did the Americans say in the ballot boxes let’s go to war or we are tired, we want a president who cares about the US interior?

The US elections are as the British referendum on the withdrawal from the European Union an expression of the disintegration of the war machines, the tiredness of the people of the West, their tendency to the regression to the internal issues and raising the slogan “the great nation is better than the major country” even if the change was expressed through the crudeness that resembles Trump’s speech.

America which is more American and less global is as Britain which is more British and less global is suitable more for us as they are two signs of the outcome of our wars, resistance, the steadfastness of our nation, people, army and resistance, as when Russia becomes more global but less Russian, it is a sign of the reflection of the steadfastness and stability in sending a message that there is something that is worth the bet.

Because it is America, the people will get used to the new world with America without brutality, the world will be changed a lot with new America, that is interested in what is going inside it more than making wars. Thus it would be the right of the people who sacrificed to celebrate the greatness of their accomplishment.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,


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