Without disciplining the Ottoman there is no regional stability

Written by Nasser Kandil,

The Turkish harassments which aim to undermine  the regional stability are characterized by the bullying outside any law and any equation that can justify it, after the Turkish incursion in Iraq everything has been revealed regarding the Turkish speech about justifications of the  intervention into the Syrian geography, everything has become clear to the world, the bad boy of the district has assailed the daughters of the neighborhood and imposed his authority by provocation, he wants to exploit the morale of the neighborhood to impose his boyhood, he indulges in wherever and however he wants. The Turkish President and his Prime Minister are morally degraded and they are in lack of courage at the same time, their pleases for a secure zone in Syria which is related to secure the shelter for hundreds of thousands refugees have been taken, so how it can be sold in three billion Euros during the deal with the European Union, and if the military expansion in Syrian stems from supporting whom are called the opposition so why they retreat when the Russian deterrence becomes presence and affects them, and why they escape  towards Iraq, furthermore, the West is hypocrite unfair, and inhuman like them, it does not consider neither the law nor the concept of justice, it is enough to consider the bonus of the granted billions to Erdoghan and Davutoglu to know that the standard in granting the bonuses is through bullying not the fair, otherwise, why Lebanon and Jordan have been deprived from similar bonuses for their incubating the Syrian refugees, and why this suspicious silence on the Turkish incursion in Iraq?

The Iraqi behavior so far is characterized by courage, because the Iraqi government did not retreat from considering the Turkish incursion a violation of the Iraqi sovereignty despite the Turkish intimidation, but it continues the chase under this title, despite the attempts of Ankara of tempering in the Iraqi interior and the hiding behind the government of Kurdistan region which according to the Iraqi constitution and the international law there is no presence for it regarding the presence of any foreign troops on the Iraqi territories, where the legitimacy and the illegitimacy are two characters that are related exclusively to the central government which it grants them wherever there is a need, and resizing them wherever it should. No one other than the Iraqi parliament has the right to ask it about its acceptance of a certain presence of the Iranian experts and its refusal of what the Turks called them the trainers, who are a force of incursion and intervention of fighting elite that is estimated of two thousands men and tens of tanks, what the Iraqi government has done and what is doing is nonsense but the appeal to the Security Council to reveal the lies of Davutoglu about an agreement that solves the dispute and renews the coordination is a step at the same place, but at the end despite the crucial Russian position there is a negligent Western position in the Security Council which will be emerged through the calls to be restraint and to solve the matters by negotiation, this is what Ankara wants because it is an implicit legislation for its violation the Iraqi sovereignty and it turns it into a dispute issue between two neighboring countries, as if it is a conflict on the dignity of the territories which the Turks have gone deeply into, and have considered it an area of suspected dignity as the situation with Lebanese Shebaa farms and the state that is represented by the triangle between Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine and where Israel is controlled over by the bullying. The Security Council considers that Israel has carried out its withdrawal of Lebanon and calls to solve the “conflict “ by negotiations.

Without disciplining the hooliganism which is practiced by the bilateral Erdogan and Davutoglu the region will not know the stability, thus this calls for a meeting at the level  of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the alliance countries which face the terrorism that are represented by Moscow, Tehran, Bagdad, and Syria to discuss the dangerous situation that is caused by the Turkish aggression on Iraq, and to have a unified supportive position for Iraq, in addition to supply the Iraqi army with what it needs to protect the national Iraqi sovereignty on one hand, and on the other hand to have the necessary Iraqi procedures to target the Turkish troops after giving it a limited warn to go out of the Iraqi territories, then let the termination be the last choice, which might be the healing strike of the region of the bullying of this scoundrel who must be deterred, so either to have the slap or the kick which throws him at his borders, at the same time it might be a message to his ally Massoud Al-Barazani that the time of the past has changed, thus it is a protective protection for all the countries which the Sultan found them a vital range that has the right to interfere in, once in the name of protecting the Turkmen, and once to prevent the expansion of the Kurds and the Armenians.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

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