Deir Al Zour: A victory as the size of Aleppo’s victory and more

Written by Nasser Kandil,

During a year the victories are rolling in favor of the Syrian army and its allies till the size of what was liberated during a year was nearly one third of the Syrian geography, more than fifty thousand square kilometers which means five times the size of Lebanon, but the crucial step in paving the way for these rolling victories was undoubtedly the liberation of the eastern of Aleppo. This step has ended the western bet on overthrowing the Syrian country, its president, and army and opened the door for the retreat of the war alliance and the beginning of its disintegration, furthermore, each of its pillars took a position of new ceiling in preparation to reach the recognition of the return of the Syrian country, its president, and its army whether through a statement or a suggestion. From that time, the battle of overthrowing the project of the continuation of chaos and its management started as an alternative of the project of overthrowing and domination. In the course of this war which was waged by Syria and its allies the American red line fell at the Syrian-Iraqi borders and the project of paving the way for the getting of ISIS out of Raqqa to the Syrian Badia fell.

Deir Al Zour was an attracting area, because from it the area of the north-east of Euphrates falls as a US operations area and from it the project of establishing an independent announced or an implicit Kurdish entity falls. These two points are not less important and may be they are more than the liberation of Aleppo strategically, as long as Aleppo is in the south-west of Euphrates, which means outside the range of the military operations which Washington restricts them with its forces and allies and outside the range of aspiration which the Kurdish leaderships deluded that they might be the borders of their own entity. The liberation of Aleppo despite its value and victory, it is a painful injury to the Americans but this can be bore with the positioning on the north-east of Euphrates under full US administration and the Kurdish secession. The arrival of the Syrian army to Deir Al Zour alone opens the door of challenge for these two projects.

The US bet was on the size of the troubles and difficulties that will accompany the achievement of this goal against the Syrian army, in addition to the presence of ISIS in Palmyra and Badia, along with a distance of hundred kilometers, and an area of thousands square kilometers, furthermore, ISIS forms a bleeding expanding wound in each of the countryside of Hama and Homs. The expectations were that the Syrian army and its allies will take at least three years to reach Deir Al Zour and lift the siege on its forces and connect with them, during this time the Americans and the Kurds will be able to eliminate ISIS in Raqqa, Deir Al Zour, and Hasaka, thus the negotiation on the federalism will be a reality, a federalism through which the Americans will be enjoyed with a cover of a Kurdish local government which they will manage. The American talk was that the year 2020 will be a date for the political solution in Syria.

The achievement of the Syrian army during ten months is closer to a military miracle, the collapse of ISIS in front of the advanced forces towards Deir Al Zour will rule what is after it, especially because the Syrian army is having control on the course of the northern Euphrates from the countryside of Raqqa to the countryside of Deir Al Zour, it will connect with the advanced forces in the south of the course towards Deir Al Zour, so maybe the battle of liberating Raqqa which was difficult for two months will be the battle of the Syrian army and the allies, especially if the Syrian army and the allies decide to resolve the two cities in Mayadeen and Boukamal before going to Raqqa. Thus the Americans have to recognize that the project of the north-east of Euphrates has fallen, and the Kurdish leadership has to hasten to reserve its seat in Geneva dialogues to participate in a political solution, which its ceiling is a unified government under the leadership of the Syrian President, new consensus constitution, and parliamentary and presidential elections.

Some people say that the stopped convoy at the outskirts of Deir Al Zour after it was deported from Qalamoun will remain there for a long time then it will surrender, since it achieved the goal by creating media exaggeration that preoccupied the Americans and their allies from following-up the crowds and the preparations for the battle of resolving Deir Al Zour by the Syrian army and Hezbollah the partner of blood and victories, the Iranian open support, and the unlimited Syrian air presence.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,


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