He is Nasrallah

Written by Nasser Kandil,

As a war leader the Secretary-General of Hezbollah Al Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah emerged to public at a historical moment which he waited for long, so he would not let it go uselessly, he would not let anyone deviate it from the track which it must follow towards the decisive moment. During the years after the July war the resistance headed by Al Sayyed Hassan Narsrallah prepared  for this confrontation, but when the war targeted Syria, it tried to avoid it, but when it was clear that is a part of the great war on Palestine it became the war of the resistance which its force became great, it asked how will it link the surplus of its power in its main front in fighting Israel, so it tried to prevent Israel from achieving any gain in the southern of Syria that will decrease the burden of its losses in the region wars, knowing that they were wars by proxy with Israel from the secession of Kurdistan to the war of Yemen and the Yemeni missiles, towards the war of the Syrian-Iraqi borders, and the war of strife through detaining the Lebanese Prime Minister and his resignation. The resistance has waged and won them all till Israel became face –to-face with the wall, so the option of the Suicidal war alone can face-saving, therefore the Israeli-American genius led finally to the last decision of Tramp to compensate morally the Israeli losses and demarcating of borders for the next confrontation from behind the wall of Jerusalem as an alleged Israel’s capital.

In such moments the resistance is not interested in answering a hypothetical question, is it the resistance’s interest to grant the honor of its war defending Jerusalem, rather than defending the existence of the resistance? Now the strife fell at the gates of Jerusalem before the war begins, along with the illusions of settlements and negotiations, the uprisings erupt, the resistances get unified. The main concern of the resistance as it was clear from the words of its leader is to preoccupy with what is occurring, and what should be and what will be, not with what could have been, so let Israel and America preoccupy to ask whether their wrong considerations make them always arrive late?

What is important is that the resistance is preparing for its war after it equipped with more readiness, victories, weapons, capabilities, alliance, and experiences. Now it is ending these wars before it gets involved in its great war which waited a long time. It draws its steps and its titles carefully through ensuring wider range of isolation around the enemy, its basis is those who were the parties of negotiation and settlement, and a wider popular participation in support of Jerusalem and Palestine, its pillars are those who were targeted with mobilization and the calls against the resistance under doctrinal and sectarian titles, but they discover their true identity with Jerusalem and who with it in the field after the masks have fallen. On the other hand to prepare the ranks of resisters and their factions, their armies, and their weapons for calm, reckless management that copes with the normal and the systematic gradual escalation in the confrontation. This requires the arrangement among the forces of the resistance and the reconciliation of its parties after what has happened, in addition to end the divisions. The axis of resistance has entrusted Al Sayyed to be the master of these three wars the diplomacy war, the street war, and the military war, he has determined a ceiling and a road map for each of these wars.

The speech of Al Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is a road map of his war, as it is the Jerusalem road map. Here is Nasrallah…..he is the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed….. He is the promise of Jesus….Simply he is Nasrallah.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,


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