The project of bartering Syria with Yemen and Lebanon with Iraq

Written by Nasser Kandil,

In parallel with testing paths led by Washington and its allies; the occupation entity and the Saudi entity about the results of the recognition of Jerusalem as a capital of the occupation entity and how to adapt to the stage of negotiation and path of settlements as well as the results of the withdrawal from the nuclear understanding with Iran, in  addition to the European  clarity of the surrounding international and regional balances and in the confrontation arenas in the region, and the course of negotiation between Washington and North Korea led Washington and its allies to put the option of bartering in front of Iran, Syria, and their allies in the axis of resistance waiting for months for the results of tests to become clear. The barter is between a Lebanese government that is convenient to the resistance versus Iraqi government that is convenient to America and Saudi Arabia including a reassurance to Israel of a Kurdish role otherwise the birth of the two governments will be disrupted and will remain on the waiting list.

The parties of the resistance axis and their allies in Lebanon and Iraq each in his country will refuse such barter. They will not get embarrassed for the disclosure of the impossible conditions of the Lebanese Forces as the seeking to make Lebanon a hostage to the Saudi swap versus big share of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in the Iraqi rule. Those who commit to the resistance in Iraq will succeed in managing that conflict in the light of the confused balances thus this will prevent Iraq from falling prey to the US-Saudi-Israeli alliance, while the Lebanese people will succeed in having a government that expresses faithfully the changes impacted by the parliamentary elections on the nature of the local balances despite the success of disruption in sparing time and waving of long vacancy.

The important endeavor to set balance is taking place in Yemen. Washington, Riyadh, and Tel Aviv depend on the equation of the impossibility to stop the progress of the Syrian Army in restoring the Syrian geography from the armed groups starting from Aleppo. The military resolving is taking place where there is no left room for political gains and where the recognition of the Syrian state through settlement is accompanied with humiliated recognition of the victory of the Syrian President and the Syrian Army. Therefore, the attempts to affect the compromises and to distort them with media are prepared, as posing questions about the meaning of an acceptance of a Turkish role or what Turkey did in the war on Syria and showing that the acceptance of the Syrian army depends on conditions as the non-deployment of Hezbollah and the Iranian forces with the Syrian army which is not real. It is known that the allies support the Syrian army in the war; they are not escorts of its sovereign spread. Because these riots will not change the origin of the new progressive Syrian equation that moves from one region to another, so the work is going on to impose new military reality in Yemen and   to seek to employ it by creating similar compromises in which the group of Mansour Hadi is included consensually.

In the past two years the bet was on Taiz to achieve that balance, but all the tests failed. In fall last year the most important bet was on the coup against the former President Ali Abdullah Saleh in order to make Sana’a the goal, but the bet failed despite the preparation which preceded Sana’a battle. Today the bets are on the west coast towards Al Hodeida port, the attack has succeeded in achieving a remarkable progress. It is necessary to show the progress relationship between the open geographic territories and the type of force which was deployed by non-resistance groups in Yemen on the other hand. At the same time it  not forgettable that the Yemenis are fighting for more than three years against the Saudi army, Saudi money, UAE army, UAE money, US weapons, and the Israeli experience and intelligence. Their steadfastness is a legend, but this does not mean to expect the success of the completion of the Saudi plan after new plans and new capacitates and forces have been allocated for its confrontation.

The forces of the resistance axis are demanded to grant more focus on the unfair war on Yemen and to organize solidarity activities with the Yemeni people, especially because Al Hodeida port is a sole marine port to provide Sana’a areas and others with the basic elements of life. The former Security Council has already issued presidential statement to stop any military action that targets Al Hodeida, calling to open the port to commercial navigation and lifting the blockade on it, but we must say to the Russian ally that the diplomatic movement in the Yemeni issue is no longer bearing taking into consideration and the cold calculations. The humanitarian massacre committed against that people worth loud voice in the Security Council as in every time the Americans and the Europeans do whenever the Syrian army advances to an area that was under terrorism despite the difference between this and that, between real massacre in Yemen and real famine that kills people and false claims of using chemical weapons in Syria and the hypocrite pretention of caring about the life of the civilians and the lies of the White Helmets.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,