Al Sayyed Nasrollah and the confidence in victory is a strategy

Al Sayyed Nasrollah and the confidence in victory is a strategy

Written by Nasser Kandil,

The Sheikh of stability, the friend the late Abdul Nasser Jabri has deserved from the Secretary-General of Hezbollah Al Sayyed Hassan Nasrollah a dedicated speech. After Al Sayyed Nasrollah had linked paragraphs of his speech with returning to the characteristics and the positions of the Sheikh of stability, who was calm and humble, he drew horizon for the developments of the region. He seemed free of two heavy burdens that overburdened him for the past years, after he was reassured to the track of the major issues which they represent, showing his confidence in the forthcoming victory by recalling the strategic reading of the regional scene through linking the conflict between Israel and the project of the resistance.

Starting from today Syria and Lebanon which are the base of the resistance in the geography are out of danger, the victory of Aleppo on one hand, and the victory of presidency and the government in Lebanon on the other hand have reassured the leader of the resistance to the failure of the pre-emptive war which has targeted it and wanted to confuse it in its presence between Lebanon and Syria. During the past years, the resistance found itself in the heart of the confrontation defending for its presence. There was a preparation in the fighting fronts to attack it, to besiege it and to exhaust it in preparation to grasp it. Israel which is unable to win a war or even to wage it once again, has entrusted the task to the takfiris in the war of Syria to destroy the country and the community and to affect Lebanon. Some have betted on this war to besiege the resistance and to undermine its constants and its position, as well as to disable the Lebanese political life till achieving it. Today the resistance achieves the articulated episode of its war in protecting Syria in cooperation with the country, the army, and the allies to achieve the victory of the project of the recovery of Syria and to pave the way for a military political track that is no longer possible to disable it, because its end will be clear from today; the recovery of Syria and its recapturing of its geography from the dominance of the takfiri terrorist groups even after a while. The resistance as well achieves the articulated episode in Lebanon in cooperation with the allies. Lebanon has a President whom the resistance said that he is its project. During two months from his election, Lebanon has a government in conformity with the resistance; the government has a ministerial statement that commensurate with the understanding of the resistance and that the government was granted the confidence to start its tasks at the hands of opponents who challenged the resistance during the years of confrontation, they have contended with it and maybe they still. Today they are applying its project, it is no longer possible to go back for ensuring the stability in Lebanon, and the cohesion of the institutions, towards the parliamentary elections which the standards of their accordance with the concepts of reform may vary, but they will be in conformity with the standards of the stability, which means that the two big titles Syria and Lebanon have followed the way of safety according to the project of the resistance in order to re-put Palestine as Al Sayyed has said at the front issues, which the wars were intended to deprive it and to prevent it from being the first issue.

The one who follows the speech of the leader of stability and resistance from this day will know that Palestine is at the first priority in the agenda of the resistance, the victory is indispensable, with no suspicion or confusion. The alternatives on which Israel has depended are falling sequentially; it has to re-confront once again the danger which it tried to avoid face to face. The resistance has more strength, determination, confidence, morale, expertise, and the weapons to return to its original arena which it has not left anymore, it is confident of the certain victory, while the project which was drawn for a region without armies, without scientists, without science, and without resistance, full of strife and civil wars is fading. The resistance which its confronting concern during the lean years was defensive, it will return to be offensive now and its priority is Palestine.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,


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