Geneva: No political progress but an infringement of the monopoly

Written by Nasser Kandil,

The Syrian government is satisfied with its negotiating position despite its deep desire to have a progress in the political process and to reach to understandings that cease-fire and stop bleeding; it launches a path for which the Syrian people can resort in order to determine the type of the regime and the constitution and who occupies the positions. But in fact the forces which launched the decision of the war on Syria are not longer have the decision of to stop it, those who brought Al-Qaeda organization are no longer able to get it out, and those who encouraged, financed, armed ISIS and gave it the starting points in case they are infected by ISIS they will no longer have the ability to get rid of it. The war in Syria which was the result of the war originally ignited will continue, it is the war on terrorism. Syria’s aspiration is to participate with those who have ignited the most dangerous war against it, but only when they recognize the failure of their war and the danger of their reluctance in waging the new war caused by them.

According to the Syrian leadership there are no illusions regarding the two wars; the original one and the branched one which became the big war while the first war has become the smallest one. Aleppo’s battle was its last big battles. The big war on ISIS and Al Nusra will not end but only if the bordered get closed, the flow of weapons, money, men, and the intelligence cooperation is stopped on the basis of the recognition of the Syrian sovereignty and the pivotal role of the Syrian army in wining this war, but this requires from those who ignited the original war and which has become the smallest one that is waged by the world major and regional countries and factions which do not have the capacity to ignite a war, but rather a political incitement ability as an opposition to have a clear repositioning at ISIS or Al Nusra’s bank or at the bank of the Syrian army. The Syrian leadership has no problem with any taken decision; the most important is to end the manipulation with the title of the opposition to support the terrorism.

Astana path was devoted for this task, to dismantle the relation of the opposition from the terrorism but it did not achieve its goals, because Turkey has changed its pledges waiting for what will be between it and America regarding the Kurdish bordered line and getting back the preacher Fethullah Gulen. Turkey regressed after its first dash which was based on its thought of the quick application of the agenda of the elected US President Donald Trump through the cooperation with Moscow in the war on ISIS, but when it became clear the weakness of Trump in applying effectively his promises in front of the abstention of the US institution, the Turks along with their factions which they sent to Astana have repositioned in Saudi Arabia without sacrificing of their relation with Russia, because it is a risk that is beyond their capabilities, being sufficient with acting hostilely against Iran, Hezbollah ,and Syria in a new way to get the Saudi and the Israeli satisfaction and the American one in particular.

Disabling Astana path means a certified failure of Geneva track, the Syrian country will not open a debate about a new constitution or anything else from the items of the political negotiation before it gets a clear image about the extent of the seriousness of the repositioning of the opposite team and its actual turning to the bank of the war on terrorism and the implementation of Astana’s decisions, by virtue that there is no priority to the priority of the war on terrorism,  and providing what is necessary to prove this choice, but everything related to Riyadh’s group which came to Geneva did not indicate to anything like that.

It is enough for Geneva to be a pause to infringe the monopoly of Riyadh’s group which occupies the seat of the opposition, waiting for the next episodes of Astana and Geneva on the basis of coming events in the field of resolving …. The transition to politics.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

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