Netanyahu and the southern of Syria agreement

Written by Nasser Kandil,

Benjamin Netanyahu said once that the US-Russian agreement about ceasing-fire in the southern of Syria was the outcome of Israeli endeavors, then he said that Israel is not in agreement with the US-Russian understanding, because it does not have the sufficient guarantees to ensure the non-arrival of Hezbollah and the Iranians to the borders. The Israeli position here is like the Israeli position towards the resolution 1701, which the Israeli academics in a seminar at Maariv newspaper two days ago have likened it to the US-Russian understanding about the southern of Syria. They said that the resolution that followed the war of July in 2006 is like the US-Russian agreement in three things: first, they grant Israel hypocrite promises that it needs by alienating Hezbollah far from the borders. Second, they prevent the occurrence of failed war to Israeli that has no other way to stop it. Third, they prevent the contact between Israel and Hezbollah, so this prevents igniting a war that is not wanted by Israel.

The Israeli complaint of the US-American understanding is an exploitation to raise the ceiling hoping to get more, after the Israelis have got alerted that the free acceptance of the understanding is a hasty move that results from the concern of the continuation of the situation, and as long as the understanding was settled, so why did not Israel ask for more, but Israel knows that it waged a failed war on the borders with Syria and its bets have been fallen, and that the security belt for which it sought has collapsed, it is impossible to protect it as has happened with its security belt in the Southern of Lebanon. It knows that the spread of chaos in Syria or the dominance of ISIS are no longer realistic options. So the choice is between either the progress of the Syrian army accompanied with Hezbollah within a military action or applying the understanding which calls for the handing over the bordered lines voluntarily to the Syrian army.

Israel is no longer the country that is capable to wage a war; however, it became the country which is afraid of waging a war. The Iron Dome has failed miserably, and Hezbollah according to the recognition of the Israeli intelligence has become the owner of missile capability that cannot repelled by any defensive actions; it is a capacity in quantity, quality, accuracy, and destructive ability and consequences that cannot be imagined by Israel. On the other hand, Hezbollah has what can repel the Israeli aircraft as the Israelis say, which means restricting the destructive capacity of Israel. Israel takes into consideration the threats of Hezbollah regarding the ground penetrating that affects the settlements of Galilee in any future war, and targeting the chemical and nuclear weapons of mass destruction that will cause a disaster to Israel. Israel pays attention to the meaning of the words of Al Sayyed Hassan Nasrollah regarding hundreds of thousands of fighters and their relation with the joining of the Iraqi Popular Crowd and the Yemeni Ansar Allah for any future war. It is an image that reflects the open and the closed demographic resources.

Israel is satisfied with the achievement of the US- Russian understanding, it hopes to culminate it with a resolution by the Security Council that is similar to the resolution 1701, that will impose the deployment of Russian observers on the line of disengagement which placed since 1974 and which was removed by Israel through a stupid bet on what it considered as a winning friend Syrian revolution, but today it hopes to see it back under the Russian guarantee.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,


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