The black economy of the Syrian war: The sons of Erdogan and Netanyahu and ISIS’s oil

Written by Nasser Kandil,

In all the wars there is what is known by the researchers and the observers with the black economy of war, where the mafias are formed and got the facilities by the concerned countries in borders and influence, the serious steps do not stop the wars but only when the conducts of these mafias are closed, and sometimes through bargaining them on political costs that equal their giving up of the profitable revenue which they achieve from the black economy. In the Syrian war it is not hidden that the golden opportunities have been granted by the warmongers especially with the hatred of the large two Arab countries that are full of money and which they carry toward Syria, they are Saudi Arabia and Qatar which are the less efficient countries in the political work, and the weakest in practicing the direct military and security executive work. The need of the agents here is a vital necessary through which they pay in return huge amount of money under the nominations of sponsoring the opposition, their organizing, and executing the security acts and the assassinations or under the titles of purchasing the arms and storing them, so every observer will find clearly the Turkish imprint and the Israeli one wherever he turns his sight.

The stolen oil market by ISIS is one of the additional sources of the financial gains in the black economy as the market of the stolen factories of Aleppo and the trade of human organs. In Turkey there are expertise, skills, equipments, and ready infrastructure for everything, while in Israel there are expertise, skills, and relations with the markets that are under the Turkish demand, the matter here is neither the presence of breakthroughs nor borders that are not easy to be controlled, but it is a policy and a decision , thus it was not in vain for the Russians to put in front of their eyes concerning their strategy in  terminating the war in Syria the stopping of the black economy of the war, and to concentrate on the sources of this economy, and to carry in addition to the stick which bombs the smuggler oil envoys, the carrot which calls Turkey to stop at the bank of partnership in solutions.

It is important to stop in front of what the Turkish Newspaper Zaman has published citing the speech of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Yasar Yakis that “the crude oil which is produced in Syria by ISIS organization is transferred to the Northern of Iraq by tankers to be transferred later to the town Zakho which is near the Turkish borders, and which is far only one kilometer of the Eastern of Mosul, where  the oil tankers which belong to the Iraqi and Syrian smugglers are waiting there” pointing out that the oil tankers change with the approach of the Turkish borders, and after they unload the shipment, the trucks return back to the area to reload once again, where the borders guards and the gangs of smuggling are granted huge bribes ”  Yakis has cleared that “ the oil of ISIS “ reaches to the border of Turkey then to the town “Silopi” in the province of “ Sirnak” in the south-east of Turkey through intermediaries at their forefront a person called “Dr.Farid” who is fifty years old and who carries two passports Greek and Israeli one, this man is sending the crude oil to the Israeli port “Ashdod” through the Turkish port “Ceyhan “ , he pointed that ISIS is producing crude oil of 30 thousand barrels per day, and wins per one barrel from 15 to 18 dollars, then Israel sells it  in 30 to 35 dollars to the Mediterranean countries.

This speech is enough to say that it is impossible to do all of that in a daily organized way during one year and a half, with a length of the track which extends from the launching point between the first shipment and the access point of more than two thousands kilometers by land and sea without the partnership of the two governments and the Turkish and the Israeli intelligence, it is enough to understand one of the reasons of the interest of Recep Erdogan and Benjamin Netanyahu in providing the protection to the pipeline where their sons are producing nearly half a million dollars daily, and to be keen to call the President Putin personally to know his plans regarding the war on Syria, under the title of the coordination of the airlines traffic and using the plea of the airspace and the air tasks to protect the source  of livelihood of the sons….. these are the wars and these are some of their keys which started in the heart of politics but when the politics dies and fails and the war becomes absurd without achievable goals, they become stronger and more influential, we have experienced many of this in Lebanon.

Translate by Lina Sehadeh,

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