Pompeo distributes uncovered checks

Written by Nasser Kandil,

The mission of the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to the region was clear as the visit of the National Security Advisor John Bolton. The decision of the US withdrawal from Syria has caused an earthquake in the region entitled let’s go to Syria. The US newspapers and websites were filled with analyses which show that the image of the Syrian President who is raising the sign of victory is so close, so it is dangerous that Washington’s allies who fought him will return back repentant shaking hands with him after they launched their war against him and funded it. But Israel which is an ally of those all will not find its place in Syria despite the offers, so everything around it will be dark, since it had limited choices, unable to go to war and it is not accepted in peace. Therefore, the dual round was an attempt to change the image, but the two envoys had just promises as uncovered checks under the title” be confident that America will not abandon you and it is not defeated”.

The failure of Bolton in the Turkish-Kurdish issue was clear, because the Kurds and the Turks do not deal with checks rather with cash. Just for that the Kurds asked Bolton who will ensure that they will be not attacked by the Turks. He had no answer but to wait his meeting with the Turkish President Recep Erdogan, and when he was asked by the Turks who will ensure that the Kurds will not secure infrastructure for those who will target the Turkish security, he said that they have to wait his meeting with the Turkish President. However, there was no meeting and Bolton returned back with his unspent checks.

In Cairo, Pompeo found an opportunity to distribute his checks, he said that his government would not allow Iran to stay in Syria; no one asked him how can you do that after the withdrawal, while you failed in doing that before the withdrawal. This was his first uncovered check. He added that his government would prevent Hezbollah from keeping missile arsenal that threatens Israel. No one asked him how he would achieve that after he failed in achieving it while possessing power in the region. This was his second uncovered check. He added that his government will ensure the superiority of Israel militarily, but he did not mention how Washington provided Israel the newest military arsenal and Israel failed in the tests of power with Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza. This was the third uncovered check. Popmpeo added that his government would not  allow Iran to continue expanding in the region, although the settlement of Yemen is in progress, where those who have the Iranian influence became partners in the future of Yemen. This was his fourth uncovered check. He continued distributing his uncovered checks. The only balance from which Washington spent is the balance of its Arab groups.

Pompeo left after he achieved one success, he embarrassed Egypt in taking a negative attitude towards Syria, although it has not improved what caused by its adopting the American calendar. He did not grant Egypt a partnership in the settlement of Yemen or a role in the Syrian settlement after he delegated Turkey to that role, Turkey which is described by Egypt as the first threat to the Arab national security.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,


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