Washington’s plan for chaos and the Syrian encirclement

Written by Nasser Kandil,

Before the battle of Aleppo, Moscow was preparing to participate with Washington in a political context that avoids the military solutions and devotes the common cooperation to eliminate the terrorism represented by Al Nusra and ISIS. Washington was unable to meet the requirements of that involvement for reasons related to the presidential elections on one hand, and because the military department does not lean to cooperate with Russia on the other hand, and because the US intelligence department betted on the choice of chaos which based on adopting the Kurdish state and restricting the war on ISISI as well as managing the movement of ISIS from one area to another.

After the battle of Aleppo, the US presidential elections, and the passage of time, it seemed apparently that America tried to neglect the understanding signed by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and the US Secretary of State John Kerry, it moved to send force messages to the Syrian army to revive the armed groups, and to draw red lines that allow the movement of ISIS from Raqqa towards Palmyra, Badia, and Deir Al Zour and allow having control over the Syrian-Iraqi borders by the groups affiliated to Washington, despite the clarity of what will be as tension with Moscow on one hand, and with Turkey on the other hand.

After the crystallization of the US plan and adopting it practically, there were features of Syrian encirclement that embraces the US plan and allures it. It seemed that Russia and Iran support strongly the Syrian plan. The title of the Syrian plan is the avoidance of the direct confrontation with the Americans along with non-compliance with their red lines. The encirclement will be able to disable the US plan, and it will get narrow gradually from the fronts of the northeast of Aleppo, Palmyra, and the Syrian-Iraqi borders to drop the theory of the rolling of ISISI and restricting the final battle with ISIS in Deir Al Zour. The Syrians along with the Russian fiery support, an Iranian fighting participation and an active presence of Hezbollah advance rapidly in Badia, they have control over what is equal three times of Lebanon’s area. They progressed towards Raqqa and had control over more than one thousand kilometers of the area of the province; they moved along the Euphrates towards Deir Al Zour and progressed from Palmyra towards Sokhna towards Deir Al Zour. They moved to meet the Popular Crowd across the borders do not care about the expected US fire, till the borders line became resolved by facts where ISIS, the Kurds and the Americans were confined by the Syrian army which deploys along the Euphrates River, closing Badia and restricting the battle in the northern of the River.

The progress of Mosul’s battles after closing the western passages of withdrawal in front of ISIS as Raqqa, and the closing of the southern passages of withdrawal made Deir Al Zour the decisive battle in Syria and Iraq, it is a battle where the Syrian army confines the Americans who cannot get out but only by getting out of the battle with ISIS, but they do not bear that, so the only way in front of them is to cooperate with the Syrian army as unavoidable condition to win the war on ISIS and in order to say that Washington played a crucial role in the victory over the terrorism.

The Syrian encirclement is winning over the US red line, and what was refused by the Americans a year ago, its minimum will be accepted by them before the end of the year.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

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